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"Brndaddo has helped us maintain our brand consistency across 14 countries, throughout all our campaigns!"

Mary Wambua , Lead researcher at Airtel Africa

"Agility matters to us as a D2C brand. With Brndaddo's Template adaptation, we were able to accelerate campaign time to market by 5-10X."

Shivaalika Julka, Senior Graphic Designer

"Brndaddo has helped reduce our launch time for product launches, campaign launches throughout the year, saving time, cost and resources."

Rohan Mascarenhas, Head Brand and marketing communication at Eicher

"By streamlining our asset sharing process and working around our decision making hierarchy, Brndaddo has saved us about 20% of campaign costs by leveraging AI for Asset Management."

Ashish Dave , Marketing Manager at Mahindra and Mahindra Limited

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AI-Smart Search

Finding the right asset always takes longer than expected without the right help, especially if you need it at a moment's notice. So how does Brndaddo's AI-Smart Search help you?​
With smart subject recognition thanks to our AI-Based algorithm, Brndaddo's smart search can even locate the file using a visual description of the same. Just type what you saw in a file, and Brndaddo does the rest.​
With appropriate metadata generated by Brndaddo's AI-Algorithm, locating assets become even easier. You don't even need the filename anymore, just describe what specific detail you remember about the file, and Brndaddo will fetch you that file.​
Brndaddo's advanced filtering lets you set predefined criteria to pull up a group of assets that fit them. This makes fetching multiple assets for a single campaign easily, saving you the trouble of looking them up one by one.

Digitize Brand Guidelines

With Brndaddo's template builder, you can set your brand guidelines in stone so that no one can stray away from them. Enforce consistency throughout the organization to achieve brand control.​
With a built-in versatile media transcoder, you can convert a file's format into any format that's optimum for a particular platform. All it takes is a few clicks.​
Trying to figure out a way to save time while trying to transcribe a long video? Worry not, because Brndaddo's automatic subtitle generator transcribes video and provides captions in seconds. ​
No more confusion in which creative is final after multiple changes and revisions. Brndaddo keeps track of the changes and makes sure you find the final, 'ready to go' version, without any hitch.​

Simplified File Sharing

Share files and assets as soon as they are ready in a single click. No need to switch to your email client or log into social media profile. Brndaddo makes sure no hurdle breaks your productive flow.​
No need to run after your manager for approvals, no need to sift through trail mails. With Brndaddo's collaborative workspace, you can get approvals in real time, right then and there.​
Stay appraised with activity from different users on different assets and make sure you are up to date with your team's activities
Tired of chasing after your manager to get approvals? Red tape causing delays in your deliveries? Brndaddo's collaborative workspace lets your manager assess your work in real-time, as you are doing it and approve it on the move.​

User Access Control

Brndaddo lets you control who gets what kind of privilege while handling different assets, creatives or files. If you want something left untouched, Brndaddo's user access control makes sure it stays so.​
Brndaddo smoothens your workflow by letting you create approval hierarchy of your organization. With that set to go, you can submit your work directly to your superior for faster turnaround times.​
With state-of-the-art encryption, your data and assets are stored safely on cloud-based storage. Brndado's security is based of the best security practices followed worldwide.​
Control the brand experience by customizing Brndaddo's URL wherever they are accessed, making it an extension of your brand.​

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