Transparency & Consistency,
Legs on which a Brand stands tall.

We believe that a brand in this age needs a collaborative platform that helps level the playing field to establish a unique Brand Identity & Control.

About Us

Brndaddo was founded in 2019, to help businesses tackle the challenge of consistency in communication across different online platforms by helping them attain simplified brand control.​
Brndaddo – Simplifying Brand Control​
We are in the business of ensuring complete peace of mind for our clients, by helping them deliver consistent communication across different platforms, by helping them control every aspect of their brand from single source of truth.​
Brndaddo isn't just a platform to help a select few industries or verticals in a business. Brndaddo is a collaborative platform that makes sure everyone in the organization is on the same page. With the level of transparency across verticals, collaboration becomes seamless and huge organizations, function like a singular being.

Brndaddo's core values influence every step we take, every decision me make.


We use technology to its full potential to take any challenge head on and devise an efficient solution for everyone.


We believe that agility in today's business world shapes a company's success and that's a driving force behind our efforts to solve problems.

Collaborate, Learn, Grow

We at Brndaddo believe in a 'No-Silo' structure to ensure everyone in our team gets maximum exposure and knowledge-building beyond their pre-defined expertise, to help them grow.


To make Brndaddo a 'must-have' foundation for companies' operational processes which conceives agility, confidence, consistency to simplify their brand control.


To ensure that the ultimate brand control is not an uphill task anymore for any firm, in any industry.

Our Implementation Experts make sure you are equipped with the brand control that we promise.