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Though banking services are the early adopters of cutting-edge technology, other financial services, are also using it to satisfy customers and gain a competitive advantage. "Brndaddo has helped brands in this industry to build a consistent and recognizable brand."

Banking & Insurance Industry

Rights Permit

​ Control the change rights to permit localization without compromising the brand.

Consistent communication

Guarantee your team's usage of the most recent versions of your digital assets, with consistent communication.​


Maintain control over their brand image while supporting local initiatives.

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brands in Banking & Insurance industry? ​

Digitized Brand Guidelines​

By enforcing digitized brand guidelines, Brndaddo ensures consistency in your firm's communications and keeps it in order. Everyone in the organization stays on the same page and the scope for miscommunication goes down.

In-Document Searching​

With a ton of documents with a lot of data to sift through, looking for specific details can get cumbersome, but Brndaddo's 'In-Document' searching allows you to find out what you are looking for in a flash.

How Brndaddo
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