Simplify Your Brand Control
By AI based ​

Centralize & Organize

  • Upload, Manage, Edit & Share your assets from a single location.
  • Every file works regardless of its format.
  • Grant permission to anyone within or outside your organization to view/edit assets.​
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Smart Search & Discover

  • Search assets in seconds across an enormous library.​
  • Auto-Generated metadata helps speeding up the search.​
  • Make use of advanced filtering & sorting to make your search more convenient.​
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Creative Automation

  • Foster efficiency in your creative process.​
  • Rely less on emails and more on real-time feedbacks/approvals.​
  • No more wastage of valuable time on searching for the right asset.​
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Video Brand Studio

  • Edit videos within Brndaddo's platform instead of repeatedly switching between apps.​
  • Inbuilt Media Transcoder lets you convert file's formats.​
  • Single-Click share lets you share your media anywhere.​
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Collaborative Workflow​

  • Streamline workflow across your organization to focus more on creativity.​
  • Integrate Brndaddo with your existing infrastructure seamlessly.​
  • Utilize Brndaddo to its full capacity for controlling your assets within your brand.​
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Control Assets & Rights 

  • Control the view/edit expiration of any shared asset.​
  • Public/Private folder ensure right people see what they need to know.​
  • Get alerts when anyone edits/views your assets.​
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Privacy & Security​

  • Take advantage of Brndaddo's modern encryption to keep your assets secure.​
  • With regular testing and upkeep, there are no chinks in Brndaddo's armor.​
  • Control which assets stay visible inside or outside your organization.​
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Branded Look & Feel

  • White-Labelling lets you maintain brand image both internally & externally.​
  • Customize Brndaddo's look to match your brand's image.​
  • Control the overall branding experience with vanity URLs.​
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Insights & Analytics

  • Track user activity to ensure proper compliance with brand guidelines.​
  • Improve ROI with asset analytics.​
  • Track asset usage across channels for better value.​
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Integrations & API

  • Save time and steps by integrating creative tools within Brndaddo.​
  • Eliminate multiple iterations of the same process.​
  • Give your team the right tool to edit assets while you retain brand control.​
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