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Efficiency is an unparliamentary word to creators.
Both designers and copywriters often give you two things to choose from: Beauty OR efficiency!
The acclaimed writer Tom Robbins once remarked in his book In Still Life with Woodpecker that ‘people who sacrifice beauty for efficiency deserve what they get!’But what if we kept the beauty intact, efficiently? We are talking about the beauty of your Brand Assets of course!
Sounds too good to believe?
Introducing Brndaddo, a Brand Asset Management tool to help you DiscoverCreate, Collaborate and Control your brand assets, while upholding your brand integrity. Is that efficient enough?
Here is one designer from a client of ours: Chaayos, sharing his success story with Brndaddo:
Excerpt from a brief interview with Ajay Rana, Senior Designer, Chaayos 
What did you feel was different about Brndaddo? 
I am not a huge fan of ‘streamlining’ things because I feel it gives us little freedom to innovate. I was pleasantly surprised with Brndaddo though. It actually made me feel like there was suddenly more time for the creative process.
Which feature of Brndaddo do you like the most? 
I would say their AI-Powered Search really works. Have you waited for ever and ever for an old creative to come through? I have and let me share that; it is an extremely frustrating experience. Brndaddo’s Smart AI automatically recognizes content in your media and ‘Smart-Tags’ it, making any asset easily searchable, from a vast library of files.
How was the collaboration at your workplace before Brndaddo? How has it changed after its deployment? 
We work as a cross-functional team, like any other up-and-coming firm in the Food and Beverages industry. The design team, the marketing team, the sales team and our CMO handle & use our Brand Assets. The approval process is key to effective collaboration.
After implementing Brndaddo, the approval process got the best turnaround time. I would say the approval process has become 5X quicker.
You were mentioning the challenges about following Brand Guidelines before? Have those challenges been dealt with? 
Brndaddo’s Centralized Template Builder & Editor has ensured that the designers consistently followed Brand Guidelines. Brndaddo also lets designers build and edit templates easily, so that me or my team doesn’t have to start everything from scratch. So, yes, the challenges in following Brand Guidelines have been dealt with.
How is the support system at Brndaddo? Was it customer-friendly? 
Oh yes, yes. I am not too technologically adept; I confess. So, there was a bit of handholding in the initial two weeks. And I am very grateful for that, because I think that gave me and my team great clarity about the tool.
We have been constantly writing mails to them as well. Their turn around time initially was 24 hours during deployment and after a discussion, we have relaxed it for 36 hours. They take their job ‘very’ seriously, sure.
We often mention about military grade security of cloud storage to our clients: how has your experience been with the feature? 
Hahaha, you guys do talk about the AWS based military grade cloud storage often, yes. Well, I don’t know about the ‘nitty-gritties’ of cloud storage but I can safely say I can access my creatives in quick time on any device. I do sometimes leave comments on the designs on my juniors. Brndaddo helps me do that on the mobile as well, which I find extremely handy.
Before we wind up, can we ask if you feel you have more Brand Control with Brndaddo? 
This is the simplest question. The answer is yes! We seem to have more control over our brand, yes!
There, you read an excerpt from one of our earliest customers.
If you would like to check out the features of Brndaddo, you can book a demo here.

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