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Coming up with different content for different channels is quite easy. Workload could be sizeable but many people can do it with no major hurdle. Even independent entrepreneurs can come up with social media posts, blogs. Most of them even design their own logos.
But what’s more important is the consistency in the content. Most of them overlook this aspect, because of it they can’t establish a strong Brand Identity. Maybe it’s the incomplete knowledge or the lack of brand control.
Whatever the reason may be, but not maintaining proper consistency can leave your brand open to a variety of interpretations. A brand’s aim should be to build a powerful level of trust and awareness. It gets a little difficult with swinging personality and tone of the content.
Hence, there should be certain guidelines and tone which a brand should stay loyal to, to put forward its communication with clients.
BRNDADDO Lets You Establish & Enforce Such Guidelines
Organizations of different scale make sure they follow a strict ‘by the book’ approach for ensuring a consistent usage of all communication and brand assets. They establish guidelines which not only benefits their marketing department but also guide rest of the organization as well to make sure they align their ideas and inputs with the company’s vision & mission.
Brndaddo can help your brand do the same. Brndaddo’s Centralized Templates which you can create, customize & edit as per your brand’s tone, help you set the ultimate standards in devising brand communication and creatives, while keeping it consistent.
You can provide controlled access to other members of your creative team, while keeping certain elements of your creatives protected from unnecessary edits.
Thanks to features like these, your entire organization stays on the same page. And when your entire team functions on the same level, it gives you and your brand better control. All thanks to Brndaddo and the consistency that it enforces.
Consistency Strengthens Brand Identity
Consistency builds trust and is beneficial in the long run. When the competition in the market gets too high, consumer trust and a strong identity can give your brand that edge they would need to prevail.
When everyone in the organization embodies the brand’s vision in their work, that’s where you know you have attained proper brand control. By accurately representing the brand on multiple instances and channels, the brand identity is reinforced.
Reap Benefits of Brand Guide You Can Lay Out with BRNDADDO
Now when you fully use Brndaddo’s templates to its potential, you can create a comprehensive brand guide which can help your brand’s identity stand out with its consistency. Brndaddo gives you control over your brand and benefits you in following ways:

  • With a set brand guide, you can communicate with multiple audiences, while being consistent in your tone.
  • The look of your brand becomes extremely focused and gives a consistent perception across multiple touch points.

A simple yet detailed brand guide is the first step to ensure proper brand control and consistency in communications.
Look Beneath the Surface While Defining Brand Guide
Many companies build their own set of guidelines, but it still falls flat. That’s because they look at it as some kind of bible which is to be followed religiously. It is only used as a set of rules and the entire picture of a brand’s vision is not painted clearly. So even if companies follow it to the tooth and nail, those guidelines go ineffective.
A good guideline should include the core values and vision of a brand, how it is to be used under different context, which voice they want heard and where. Guidelines should be extremely thorough.
Another issue which comes up is that people are often reluctant to make edits in the brand guidelines. In today’s fast changing digital world, you need to be prepared to adapt at a moment’s notice. Now and then your brand should be a breath of fresh air.
With constantly changing brand, values and target, your branding guide can go obsolete real fast. This puts brands are at risk of inaccurate and outdated representation, and creates inconsistencies in image.
BRNDADDO makes sure you keep up with the world, by keeping your brand guidelines easy to adapt at a moment’s notice.
A SOLUTION that Benefits Your Brand
With the market changing constantly, the needs of a brand also get dynamic.
BRNDADDO presents an adaptable solution for your brand and gives you a great wiggle room to adapt. You can establish a fresh set of brand guidelines at a moment’s notice, with an easy-to-use interface, giving you the ultimate control over your brand.
If you are looking for a solution which would ensure consistency in your brand and grant you total control over it easily, request your product demo and see what we are all about.

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