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A CMS or a Content Management System is a web application which empowers a brand to manage content operations:
That is, even employees without programming skills will be able to:
-Edit or
-Publish any amount of content. (without the help of any sort of programming)
A BAM or Brand Asset Management tool, on the other hand, empowers employees to:
-Collaborate and
-Control their Brand Assets. (without the help of any sort of programming)
In other words, BAM stitches together the ‘Why’, the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ of Brand Assets giving employees a guided experience to manage assets and increase brand control.
Building Blocks of a CMS
The Content Management Application (CMA) and the Content Delivery Application (CDA) are the building blocks of a CMS.
CMA – Helps to create, edit and publish content without disturbing the User Interface.
CDA – Controls the logic and coding which can convert the changes reflected in the CMA on the end User Interface
So, both the CMA and CDA will require employees of different roles to access them.
While editors who write and publish Articles, Images and Videos can use the CMA, the web developers will change how the website looks, adding or removing sections based on code.
Building Blocks of a BAM
The Brand Asset Management (BAM) tool usually comprises:
1. AI-Based Smart Search,
2. A Feature to Enforce Brand Guidelines,
3. A Collaborative Workspace,
4. Cloud Based Secure Storage and
5. A Provision to Set User Privileges.
While there is a dedicated Taxonomist who handles asset classification, asset storage, asset distribution and asset control, this person need not be technologically adept at all. This is one of the biggest advantages of having a Brand Asset Management Tool.
Limitations in a CMS
CMS despite helping with editing text, designs and publishing articles with ease, does have some significant limitations:
1. The Storage space is limited
While storage of information is possible, the storage space is seriously limited.
2. Limited Search Function
You can only search and discover what is part of your website. Every other asset created is either hidden or ‘lost’ under poorly defined nesting folders.
How BAM Closes the Gaps in CMS : Integration of BAM and CMS
With the help of BAM (like Brndaddo), any CMS (like WordPress) can overcome its limitations:
1.With a BAM, a CMS can access media assets as well as files that are part of the website
2.Integrating BAM and CMS, you can access any media asset that needs to be a part of your article or video to be published while making sure brand guidelines are enforced.
3.In other words, a CMS makes content management easier, while a BAM and CMS together make content management and asset management easier while simplifying brand control.
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