Organize Assets with
Central Asset Repository​​

Tired of working with a messy shared​ drive where all files are scattered in a random and disordered manner?​

Organize Assets with Central Asset Repository​​

Tailor your workspace for YOU

Brndaddo's central asset repository lets you organize and sort your critical assets to suit the need of your business to make your work smoother & faster.

Bulk Upload with Drag & Drop

This functionality from Brndaddo ensures you save time by uploading high volumes of assets at once. Just drag your assets in the Brndaddo window and upload in bulk. No hassle, whatsoever!

Automatic Folder Hierarchy

Tired of creating folder structures for your files manually? Brndaddo's Automatic Folder Creation creates folders and subfolders based on the rules you define.

Public & Private Asset Collection

Brndaddo's access control lets you maintain assets so that you can share them within your organization and outside it.

Secure Cloud Storage 

Brndaddo is a Cloud-Based SaaS solution that keeps your asset safe in a secure cloud storage.

Filtering & Sorting

Brndaddo's advanced filtering & sorting lets you set predefined criteria to pull up a group of assets that fit them, and sort them as you like. This makes fetching multiple assets for a single campaign easily, saving you the trouble of looking them up one by one.


When you upload files in bulk, manually indexing and sorting could be a little nightmarish. Brndaddo auto labels your assets based on its defining characteristics, as you upload them.

Custom Tagging

Apart from automatic tags, you can also define tags for the assets you use more frequently than the others for better accessibility.

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Symmetry With Every Industry!

Brndaddo has proven time and time again that its versatile solutions fit brands of any industry, regardless of scale.

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