Protect Your Assets with
Access Control​​

Got critical branding assets that needs to be protected from unwanted tampering? Tired of others messing with your creatives?

Access Control​

User Access Control​

Brndaddo lets you control who gets what kind of privilege while handling different assets, creatives or files. If you want something left untouched, Brndaddo's user access control makes sure it stays so.

Controlled Custom Fields

Brndaddo lets you create fields specific to your needs such as asset name, type, etc., and prioritize them to be showcased easily to save time.

​ Access Request Capabilities 

Share files easily within your organization or with someone outside who requests for access. No need to go back and forth to your email client, no need to download and upload attachment multiple times. Invite users to work on your asset without all the frustration.

Log Activity 

Imagine you worked really hard on a creative but next day when you check on it, mysteriously it has been misplaced or someone has tampered with it? With Brndaddo's detailed activity tracker, every little change gets logged. Nothing stays hidden for long.

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Brndaddo has proven time and time again that its versatile solutions fit brands of any industry, regardless of scale.

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