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AI-Smart Search​​

Finding the right asset always takes longer​ than expected without the right help, especially if you need it at a moment's notice. So how does Brndaddo's AI-Smart Search helps you?

Smart Search & Discover

Smart Search​

Brndaddo's AI-Smart Search lets you pinpoint the exact file you are looking for in a matter of seconds thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

Automatic Metadata Extraction

With appropriate metadata generated by Brndaddo's AI-Algorithm, locating assets become even easier. You don't even need the filename anymore, just describe what specific detail you remember about the file, and Brndaddo will fetch you that file.

Image Recognition

With smart subject recognition thanks to our AI-Based algorithm, Brndaddo's smart search can even locate the file using a visual description of the same. Just type what you saw in a file, and Brndaddo does the rest.

Advanced Filtering & Sorting

Brndaddo's advanced filtering & sorting lets you set predefined criteria to pull up a group of assets that fit them, and sort them as you like. This makes fetching multiple assets for a single campaign easily, saving you the trouble of looking them up one by one.

Smart Folders

Brndaddo helps you group similar assets in groups for enhanced accessibility. When you open the smart folder, the type of assets you are looking for automatically pop up.


When you upload files in bulk, manually indexing and sorting could be a little nightmarish. Brndaddo auto tags your assets based on its defining characteristics, as you upload them.​

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