Edit Branding Media in our
Video Editing Suite​​

Need to edit branding related media on the go? Want to shorten your turnaround time in basic video editing, transcoding and sharing?

Video Editing Suite​

Automatic Subtitle Generator​​

Trying to figure out a way to save time while trying to transcribe a long video? Worry not, because Brndaddo's automatic subtitle generator transcribes video and provides captions in seconds. You can even downlad & edit those subtitles.

Preset Cropping

Edit and crop media right on Brndaddo's platform without having to switch applications. It's so easy anyone can learn to use it in a matter of minutes.

Version Control

No more confusion in which creative is final after multiple changes and revisions. Brndaddo keeps track of the changes and makes sure you find the final, 'ready to go' version, without any hitch.​

​Convert File Format

With a built-in versatile media transcoder, you can convert a file's format into any format that's optimum for a particular platform. All it takes is a few clicks.

Smart Asset Embedding

Embed media on external webpages, files, documents, etc., along with its preview thumbnail.

​ Annotations 

Need to deliver very specific instructions to your teammate regarding a video? All you have to do is select the timestamp and position of the subject to annotate your instructions, feedbacks or observations right on the video. Eliminate the room for miscommunication.

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