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Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based platform for hosting and sharing files and information. With collaboration features, project management and messaging features, SharePoint actually allows any firm to build a portal which could become a dashboard for internal teams to collaborate, share and access digital files. SharePoint based Intranets are very common in many companies which prefer Office365 to G-Suite.

Key Functionalities of SharePoint 

1. Collaboration – Internal teams can coordinate and collaborate easily over shared files.

2. Communication – The Intranet or the Employee Portal can not only boost communication but can level up employee engagement.

3. Productivity – With subsites, teams can easily maintain control over tasks and deadlines and deliver work on time.


A BAM or Brand Asset Management tool is the best option for Storing, Organizing and Distributing Brand Assets while ensuring Brand Guidelines are followed at every level.

In other words, a Brand Asset Management tool helps teams
-Collaborate and
-Control their Brand Assets. (without the help of any sort of programming)

In other words, BAM stitches together the ‘Why’, the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ of Brand Assets giving employees a guided experience to manage assets and increase brand control.

Building Blocks of a BAM

The Brand Asset Management (BAM) tool usually comprises:

1. AI-Based Smart Search,
2. A Feature to Enforce Brand Guidelines,
3. A Collaborative Workspace,
4. Cloud Based Secure Storage and
5. A Provision to Set User Privileges.

While there is a dedicated Taxonomist who handles asset classification, asset storage, asset distribution and asset control, this person need not be technologically adept at all. This is one of the biggest advantages of having a Brand Asset Management Tool.

Limitations in SharePoint vs How BAM can overcome these limitations

SharePoint is focused mainly on documents, slides, presentations etc whereas a BAM is focused on all of the brand assets. (Including but not restricted to images, videos, documents, etc.)

Filesharing within SharePoint is easy but can become more difficult as the team scales up while BAM is designed for organizing, searching, retrieving and distributing brand assets for large, diverse teams.

A BAM has a lot of broad functionalities, all of which are listed in the comparison summary below:
Comparison Summary

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