Posted by Admin on November 30, 2022

Testing an MVP and then getting the product into the hands of the consumer is a dream for every Start-up Brand Marketer. But you face constant challenges and the sooner you find a solution to it, the better your chances of hitting your targets. Here are some simple solutions to the challenges faced by a Brand Custodian. 
End Feedback Loops 
One word can mean different things in different situations. This means it’s easy for people to misunderstand a communication piece. To mitigate such situations, it is best practice to get key stakeholders to give joint feedback. This causes a feedback loop that can slow down campaigns because marketers need to go back and forth to ensure that the message holds well. 
You would agree that there are two types of feedback: one where brand guidelines are not followed and the other where the tone of communication is not proper for the audience or the brand. For this first type of feedback, use a Brand Checklist that all contributors can review and adhere to. This checklist can be shared as needed across agencies, partners, and more. 
On BrndAddo, you can set up an approval hierarchy to ask for feedback from all the stakeholders. This gives everyone a chance to really see what you are trying to do and supplies approvals for the most essential pieces of content.  
Managing Image Library to your advantage 
You live in a dynamic, ever-changing world. That sudden requirement of a Creative or that simple price change and the creative is ready to go! What if all this can be quickly done without going back to the Creative Department? 
Smart AI Search on BrndAddo is the perfect tool for getting your creative fast. Quickly find images using nothing but your memory of what it shows. We’ve developed a Smart-Edit option that will allow you to make changes to your content without navigating to the Preview screen. This means you can save time and get back to your content right away after proofreading or design tweaks. This can dramatically improve turnaround time and boost how quickly approvals are completed. 
Collaborate better 
Managing team feedback and translating it into useful feedback can take up a lot of your time. As a result, it’s easy to miss important comments or design changes. Luckily, our app includes merged communication channels that will help make this process easier. Your team will never have to miss another important message from a key stakeholder or the change they requested for your project. 
Build Consistency, across platforms 
As your business grows so is the visibility, across platforms. To remain successful in this ever-changing industry, it’s vital for brands to keep consistent messaging. This can become especially challenging for teams that work on different projects at various agencies (both internal and external). To make matters worse, try scaling up your marketing team or working with agencies that are managing conversations on different platforms for you. 
We know how difficult it can be to keep everything organized and how easy it is to find the solution. That is why we offer a Central Repository that gives your teams quick access to all the content they need. Your brand is a powerful identity, and you are committed to making it amazing. But we are also committed to providing you with cloud-based storage that makes it easy to store and access your assets from anywhere. Now everyone across your team can be on the same page, up-to-date, and broadcasting an effective message across all platforms. 
Centralize and control your organization while empowering collaboration  
Your brand’s success is all about consistency. You need to use your assets continuously and make them stand out from the rest of your marketing efforts. This can be tough since touchpoints keep expanding.  Want to quickly transform your Marketing and be ready for all the challenges? Contact us and schedule a demo; we will be happy to show you how! 

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