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Brndaddo is a novel innovation in brand asset management that will help you attain total brand control by streamlining all your efforts.
Do you struggle while keeping track of all your assets, or are tired of continuously redoing the same project over & over? Faced with the tiresome task of having to tell your employees to stick to the brand’s image, again & again?
Problems like these must take a lot of your time.
Keep reading to find the perfect solution!

  • A Smart Central Repository makes sure that you don’t waste time manually organizing your assets.
  • Our smart filters, face recognition, and object detection technology make searching an asset a piece of cake.
  • You can edit and customize your ‘Smart Tags’ for an even better, quicker experience.
  • All your intellectual property is safe & secure with Brndaddo’s military-grade AWS security system.
  • To make the job quicker, we provide pre-loaded social media templates for all popular social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • You can share your content effortlessly, in a single click.

A unique brand identity is of utmost importance in this digital era, where there are hundreds of competitors. We aid you in the creation and preservation of the same. Every brand requires its team to follow a meticulously laid framework that is synonymous with its values and what it wants to portray to the audience/customers.
We help you in ensuring adherence to brand guidelines that are necessary for any company to establish its distinct brand identity along with a proper channel of communication for execution.
You get access to a unique feature which helps you to create Brand-Guideline driven templates centrally, through which a company can create the templates required for a marketing campaign and even save them for future use.
Along with that, you can provide controlled access according to your preferences. This saves the hassle of creating duplicate copies and preservation of the brand authenticity.
You get proper control of the brand’s image
With pre-saved templates, we ensure consistency of the overall image that is continuously enforced. We endorse version control, which means you have the older versions of the project at your disposal which is safely stored for checking and verification.
Hence, there is a reduction in repetitive mistakes and you can always check for references in the future.
One of the most amazing features is the speech-to-text addition, which automatically converts audio/video to text. Now, have documents right in your hand. It saves the time and cost of an actual human being that has to convert the same.
How many times have you needed to go back and forth constantly for a simple creative approval? Or that important feedback got lost? 
Our merged channel of communication removes many hinderances, wherein nothing gets lost, nor that vital comment from your boss, neither a crucial design change instruction.
Everything is in one place. We allow an efficient editing process that reduces time wasted in getting approvals and remote creative changes. Fast editing helps you keep up with the ever-changing external environment as well. To add to that, it can be accessed on a laptop to even your tablets for convenience to work anywhere, anytime.
In addition, all the important data is instantly backed up in one place and can be accessed anywhere. In case of any emergency, we enable you to protect your data and save on storage costs by providing ‘Tri-Brid’ storage- local storage, cold storage, and instant storage, for all your different needs, all in one place.
If you want a one-stop solution to all these problems, try our new artificial intelligence-backed tool. We promise more efficiency, effectiveness and a reduced turnaround time.
What’s stopping you from entering a new world of digital brand management? Come join hands with an innovative technology partner.

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