Posted by Admin on January 26, 2022

In this age, every step of a business has transcended into the digital realm. Where there was paperwork, there are digital files now which are easy to store and last forever. It takes lesser physical space as well; even thousands of digital files take only a fraction of physical space.
So, when you have thousands of files to manage at your end, the job gets a little tedious. Especially when you have to work with them 24X7. The primary need to handle such volume of files becomes an effective centralized storage system.
No Proper Centralization can be Problematic
There are many problems that occur when there is a lack of a centralized system of asset storage and search –

  • Needing custodians for digital assets
  • Delays in getting approvals
  • Minor changes in creatives take a long time
  • Having to make multiple requests for brand resources

But It’s Not Only Centralization, You Need More
Easy access and accurate indexing, sorting is fine with centralized storage. But there is still locating the right file which you are looking for, without wasting significant minutes of your time, which would add up days, maybe weeks in the longer run.
That’s Where Brndaddo’s AI-Search Comes into Play
Brndaddo not only provides ease of access with its central repository that keeps all the assets safe in one place, but it also helps reduce time wasted in searching for the right asset out of that gigantic pile, hence increasing productivity.
All because of its AI-Based Search which lets you

  • Use Smart filters
  • Automatically Meta tag the content
  • Allows E-Discovery
  • Customize smart tags to pinpoint media easily

Integrating content is simplified with artificial intelligence as object detection, auto-tagging, and metadata extraction as it helps in the search for assets.
It’s Not only Searching Assets though
Smart AI-Algorithm in Brndaddo not only helps in pinpointing assets, it also helps with other functionalities such as

  • Automatic Video Transcriber
  • AI-Based Object Detection/Image Recognition
  • AI-Based Video Transcoder
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Speech to Text

A Final Word
AI is becoming more and more integrated into a vast array of businesses. AI contributes to efficiency, productivity and promotes the ability to reduce the time spend on repeated work.
Tagging by AIs and deducing visual similarity makes asset management far more effective. It can do significantly quicker transcribing with speech-to-text conversion. AI transforms online digital asset management into a dynamic system that includes flexible workflows rather than merely an archive.
If you want to check out the AI-Capabilities of Brndaddo first-hand for your business, book a LIVE DEMO right away.

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