Posted by Admin on January 26, 2022

Breathe (1), get inspired (2), experiment (3), check your audience’s response (4).
That’s the order in which design is ideally done.
But, in reality, Step 1 and 2 are often lost when it comes to campaign creatives.
This is because:
A. You don’t need to get inspired to adapt your brand templates into campaign creatives
B. You simply don’t have the time to ‘get creative’
In short, you need your creatives out there FAST. FAST. FAAAASTTT.
What do you do? You plan your design tasks around a Brand Asset Management Tool!!!
YES, Planning and Designing CAN go together!
It is a difficult concept for designers to grasp but Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Project Managers among other mid-management staff and the C-Suite have always been looking for a way to increase the efficiency of the design process by reducing some of the steps, especially during the campaign season – it could be holi, diwali, christmas or new year’s.
How to plan your design tasks around a Brand Asset Management tool?
There is a common misconception that brand guidelines disrupt visual appeal and creativity. With Brand Template adaptation, it could be the opposite. If it takes your designer 1 hour (for instance- approx. value) to look at a creative in 3 different ways, a Templatizer of a Brand Asset Management tool like Brndaddo can help your designers get that outlook in 5 minutes because it already has the different adaptations for the designer to view. All that he/she has to do is add his touch to the creative and send it for publishing.
The Impact of a Brand Asset Management tool on your design turnaround time
With a Brand Asset Management (which is an evolved Digital Asset Management) tool, you can be assured of three things:
1. Streamlining of the design process workflow
2. Remote Collaboration
3. Quick approval and accelerated time to market
With remote collaboration, there will be no dearth of ideas for better execution. With streamlined workflow, the process will be efficient. And with quick approval, time to market is accelerated and your campaigns can be launched on time, in every market you want to be present in.

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